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Because the Nov. 30 article “Addicted babies complicate opioid case” in The Citizen is an alarming one, it deserves a response!

According to the article: “There were 150,000 opioid-addicted babies born in this country between 2012 through 2016 ... and the number grows each year.”

What is also alarming is the fact that “there's an additional cost of between $200,000 to $250,000 to hospitals per infant because of the complications associated with babies born to an opioid-addicted mother.” (What is not cited in the article but is a known fact is that too often it's the taxpayer paying for the entire cost for both the opioid-addicted mother and the opioid-addicted child!)

Although the article indicates that it is only the drug companies that are being blamed for the nation's opioid crisis, I would argue that in this particular case, the mothers of these opioid-addicted babies should also share some — if not most — of the blame!

With our criminal system being what it is, looking to also arrest anyone who would cause harm to someone else, why then shouldn't the mothers of these opioid-addicted babies also be held responsible for what should be viewed as criminal conduct? These women are certainly aware that their babies will be suffering from withdrawals (and “some of them with organ problems as well”) after they're born!

For decades we've been offering help for anyone who is addicted and so there is absolutely no excuse for these women not to get help either prior to getting pregnant or as soon after they've discovered they are!

Although there is plenty of fault to what drug companies sometimes do, this time the finger of blame should be pointed at opioid-addicted mothers as well!

Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore


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