Letter: All religions can teach us lessons

Letter: All religions can teach us lessons


I would like to respond to Murray Lynch’s Sept. 12 letter to the editor, titled “Students should get religious education.” The first thing I want to do is ask, “Which religion?” The Catholic Church has Eastern and Western rites, and there are subdivisions within each rite. Protestants? Well, there are Baptists, Methodists, Nazarenes, Lutherans, you get the idea.

The impression I got from Murray’s letter was religious education had to be Christian. What about Judaism? Jews believe in God, but they do not accept Jesus as the Messiah. Muslims? Again, same God, but their most important prophet is Muhammad. And should we exclude Hindus, Buddhists, Native Americans and followers of Earth-centered beliefs?

I agree there should be some form of religious education in schools and in life. So let’s learn about all of religions. What we know as “The Golden Rule” comes from the Bible, but other faiths have similar philosophies.

Christianity: Treat others the way you would like them to treat you.

Buddhism: Do not hurt others with that which hurts you.

Hinduism: Do nothing to others which, if done to you, would cause you pain.

Islam: No one of you is a believer until he loves his brother as himself.

Taoism: Regard your neighbor’s loss as your own.

And I love this quote I found online about the Druids, “Because Druidry is based on a time when communities had to work together to survive, no one had to be told to be nice to each other.” What a marvelous concept!

Joe Sarnicola



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