With the exception of Native Americans, most of the rest of us are a mix of more than one nationality.

Until I sent off to have my DNA tested, I only knew about my ancestors being from Ireland, Wales, England and Germany. I wasn't aware that I was also Native American! Nor was I aware that my twin sister and I had different fathers! (That can happen when a woman passes another egg a month or more after having already becoming pregnant.)

When we were born, I weighed eight pounds and my twin weighed three pounds. Today's definition would be that I was a "full-term" baby and she a "premature" baby.” However, back in 1934 it was instead believed that I'd deprived my sibling of the nutrition she needed. (Enough said about what that led to!)

History tells us that most of our ancestors came here because our countries were infested with crime, famine, disease and assorted horrors. In today's world, all that now exists in other countries than the ones our ancestors came from!

What is especially disheartening is our president loudly proclaiming that today's immigrants should “go back!” and that they're all criminals. He's making it sound like we're a fascist country. The new norm has become a hideous loop of hate ... but it's a idiocy loop!

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This past week the House of Representatives passed a resolution, citing Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan who reminded us that “we must remember always, that all of us are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” (All Democrats were unanimous with their consent but only four Republicans agreed!) Sad indeed is that Mike Pence – himself an Irish-American – did not defend his heritage!

This week Mr. Trump again blasted people of color!

My reaction to all this is ... if God is the Creator of all things, then it must be assumed He is also responsible for having created mankind. Therefore, since our president and his followers portend to be Christians, they might explain to the rest of us why displaying hypocritical behavior by contradicting the teachings of Christ can be justified as correct in the sight of God.

Rev. Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore


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