Letter: America is failing on health care

Letter: America is failing on health care


You cannot believe that America landed on the moon and NOT believe in the power of the collective. "Man's Greatest Achievement," as it is known, was the result of a nation pooling its resources and pulling off the impossible.

A capitalist would have done the cost benefit analysis of space exploration and nixed the idea of a lunar landing attempt in a heartbeat. This was indeed a shining moment for democratic socialism.

The truth is America is rife with socialism. There's the obvious stuff: schools, fire and police, highways. ... Then there's the core of the American economy that I call socialized capitalism. Through laws and regulations, mandates, subsidies, bailouts, government contracts, market manipulation and a host of other devices, our government partners with bankers, billionaires and big business. Many Americans seem to benefit from some of these arrangements but the money always ends up at the top.

This partnership is why health care isn't treated like the other necessities that tax dollars pay for. It isn't that America is incapable of figuring it out and it certainly isn't because a government-run health care system would cost more than what we are currently doing.

There's a lot of money to be made from sick people.

The starless pictures and the fact that we don't have a military base, mining operation or a single Starbucks up there a half century later makes me a bit skeptical of whether we really did put men on the moon.

One thing I do know is that rocketing medical costs have killed the American dream for tens of millions of people. For-profit medicine existing in a country with a government-sanctioned monopoly (American Medical Association) has created something quite grotesque.

Joe Lonsky



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