I wrote this article due to the Florida school shooting. It is a total disgrace when we can’t send our children to school and be safe. There are so many problems that this country is facing. When Americans can’t send their children to school or to see a movie or even to church without being killed there is a serious problem we all have to solve. I suggest the following steps:

1. All 50 states have to pass a law that parents have the right to discipline their kids.

2. Give rights to all schools to discipline the students. The home is the first school ... read to them.

3. Pledge to the flag and put God into the pledge. Teach respect.

4. Have the kids say a prayer if they want to. Teach respect.

5. Parents, have some church structure for the kids. Teach respect.

6. Take the time to have dinner at the table not in the living room or bedroom and discuss your day. Teach respect.

7. Politicians wake up. Pass this legislation. Attorneys are at fault too. They just get rich and don’t care.

8. Teachers, don’t tell kids that they can have their parents arrested. Teach respect.

9. Councilors in school, you are a joke if you’re not doing your job. Counselors don’t work with or treat mental illness.

10. Police officers, do your job. When someone is suspicious you get information then follow up on it. Make drug raids. It is a serious problem.

11. Teachers, you can’t solve problems with a gun on your side. Write and call your state and federal politicians or call the parents.

12. Gun laws, we have enough gun laws on the books now. We don’t enforce the laws. Make a change in how old you are before trying to buy one.

13. Black market, they will always sell guns no matter what laws you pass.

14. Gov. Cuomo and all politicians local, state and federal especially President Trump and Congress, don’t legalize marijuana. Don’t build casinos. Bring back discipline at home and schools.

If we don’t do this our nation will fall. Wake up, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out what is wrong. Bring back respect for God in this great country.

Gary Stretch Wright