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Letter: America's downfall began in the 1960s

Letter: America's downfall began in the 1960s


America is becoming increasingly polarized politically. This is predictable since the presence or absence of religious faith drives politics. America's moral failure is a reflection of the great spiritual battle between good and evil. A radical left wing element has seized control of a major political party in this country. This party is being used to bring collectivism, i.e. communism, to America using the legislative process. The forces of evil knew that Christian America could never be conquered militarily so it had to be subverted ideologically.

A systematic subversion of this country started in earnest in the early 1960s. Supreme Court judges took Bible reading and prayer out of government schools and instituted the religion of secular humanism. This aided the destruction of America's principles of self government. The constitution, written for a people with the ability to govern themselves. As virtue of the general population declines, government grows, and policing of that unrestrained population increases.

A second subversion happened in the mid 1960s, when America's money system went from money, redeemable in silver, to fractional reserve paper currency or debt instruments. This fiat money is unfunded, paper money has historically collapsed, without exception. It appears now the U.S. dollar is in its inflationary death cycle.

The third subversive blow to America came in the late 1960s with the promotion of free love and the sexual revolution. America is now reaping the rotten fruit of this movement. Karl Marx called for the destruction of the traditional family. He reasoned, the father figure represented God in the provision of leadership and meeting the needs of his children. The goal to make government responsible for all provision a major tenet of communism. The Lord's prayer states "Our Father, which art in heaven," has very little meaning to a child whose only father figure is a boyfriend floating in, and out of their lives, every couple months.

So you see, there is an evil spiritual agenda that is being committed against this country. Unless there is a revival of the Christian faith among the general population of this country, and the evil among is cast off, the America of self government will cease to exist. If this occurs, the totalitarian system that will replace it will make George Orwell's "1984" look like a walk in the park. Choose you this day, whom you will serve.

Stephen P. Lonsky



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