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The right to life is the foundation on which all other rights rest. We couldn’t exercise our right to free speech, religion, property, privacy or association without first having our lives. Therefore, we need to consider other liberties, such as a woman's right to privacy, with that principle in mind.

Is a human embryo a unique being? Yes, biology teaches that the embryo has a DNA that is distinct from the mother or father. The sperm and the egg can potentially meet to form life, but the new embryo is a life. Some erroneously claim that the embryo is part of the mother’s body. This pseudo-science doesn’t match the facts. A woman’s womb is the location where the fetus with a different DNA naturally develops features that are unique from the mother: blood type, fingerprints, eye color, hair color, gender, and every other human characteristic. Is the fetus living in its mother? Yes. Is it part of its mother? No. That is why a Chinese zygote implanted in a Swedish woman will produce a person with Chinese characteristics. Do these temporary guests deserve protection and care? Remember that pseudo-science dehumanized African Americans and Jews, claiming that they were lesser races in order to justify abusing them. Whenever inaccurate facts cloud our thinking, they can disorient our morals. Could it be that the issue is not about a lack of rights, but a dislike for the natural order and the results of choices made?

We cannot deny that women are physically designed to bear and nurse children. We CAN treat women, men and the unborn with the dignity and respect that each life deserves. Let's commit to empowering women and men to protect their offspring and to uphold first principles first.

Caryn and Nate Gilbert

Seneca Falls

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