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Thank you, Murray Lynch, for the compliment about being "Mr. Statistics." Statistics are used by nearly everyone in their daily lives, one of the biggest uses is for forecasting the weather. Statistics help saves lives when predicting storms, snowfall, wind, and helps us plan outdoor activities. Statistics have so many uses in our world, it would be impossible to list them all.

Guns are at times killing weapons, they are also used by competitive shooters and Olympians and even soldiers on national marksmanship teams. So ... using logic and common sense I cannot classify them as "weapons of mass destruction." WMD is a term coined by the media and parroted by people using emotion because to say it "feels good" like a catchy phrase or the latest "buzz word." Reckless shooting by anyone is a big deal, as is reckless driving, and anyone committing either should be held accountable per the law, not by what we feel or think has happened.

You state, "If something is in any way shape or form detrimental to the well being of society get rid of it." So ... with that it mind, the National Safety Council lists basketball (one of your favorites) as the the No. 1 sport in the U.S. with the most injuries, AKA "detrimental to society." Will you be giving up basketball anytime soon or can we push to ban it? Hunting is not even listed as a dangerous sport; furthermore fishing is listed as more dangerous than hunting, as is golf and bicycle riding.

Banning guns now will not end the taking of innocent lives by guns. Other countries have tried that approach; short term it may work, long term it does not. You see, criminals do not adhere to laws, having a gun and committing murder holds no meaning for them. If they do not believe in God's laws ... what will motivate them to believe in man's laws?

I would never presuppose to think I know what God or Jesus is thinking about any subject, that would be blasphemy. However, there is a quote from scriptures I would like to close this letter with from Luke 11:21:  "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own home, his possessions are undisturbed." So ... by scriptures and the Constitution of the United States of America, I choose to be armed.

Tom Adessa


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