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I noted several inaccurate statements contained in a recent letter to the editor submitted by Patrick Cameron, a member of the executive committee of the local Republican Party, in support of Steven Buschman that require correction. First and foremost, Judge Thurston's wife, and my daughter, Stephanie, is not and has never been the city Democratic chair. That statement was categorically false.

More importantly, it is deeply troubling that the author chose to invoke First Lady Michele Obama to support his decision to make our family an issue in this campaign instead of the candidates' qualifications and experience. While the author attempts to — also inaccurately — go through a history of elected officials including our current Sheriff David Gould and Judge Mark Fandrich, the author should have noted that in neither of those races was the candidate's wife or family repeatedly criticized or had their reputations for honesty and integrity repeatedly questioned. To call into question the integrity of a candidate's spouse or family is troubling not the least because this is a judicial race, but it also sets a terrible example for our community in the years to come.

Further, the author was incorrect and should have noted that what is occurring in this race is not what happened in the campaigns of Sheriff Gould or Judge Fandrich. Those gentlemen were endorsed by both parties, the exact opposite of what is occurring in this race. Neither of those gentlemen lost their own party's endorsement but decided to force a primary anyway, and then also sought the other party's endorsement. In fact, that has never occurred in any race for any office. To imply otherwise is not a "fair" interpretation of history.

If there is to be a truly "fair" race, then everyone needs to be fair with the facts.

Janie Hutchinson


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