Letter: Attacks on Trump not based on facts

Letter: Attacks on Trump not based on facts


In response to Richard Glenister's letter, seriously grow up! Now coronavirus is apparently President Trump's fault and he’s not doing enough to stop it. If Donald Trump cured cancer tomorrow many, but not all, Democrats would find fault with it and the liberal media especially would. You say he hasn’t moved fast enough or done enough but back in January when he started shutting down travel from foreign countries, the Democrats called him racist! And Nancy Pelosi was telling people to continue going to China and other places and people should continue coming here. Back the first week of March, Mayor DeBlasio was telling people to still use the subways and go to the parks and restaurants, but hey it’s all President Trump's fault, right? You and the media jump all over him for being optimistic about when this will end but does anyone really know? And if he does say something like 100,000 people could die, holy cow, does the liberal media jump all over him then for saying such a horrible thing. So which is it? You can’t have it both ways and to bring up impeachment during this is just pathetic! I wasn’t a President Obama fan at all, and no, not because he was black; it was because he was a slick-talking politician who was just as dumb as you all claim President Trump is. If you remember Obama was going to visit all 57 states when he was campaigning. I’m still looking for those other seven states! The difference apparently is I accepted he was our president but apparently liberal Democrats can’t accept Trump. Grow up ... we’re suppose to all be in this together

Andrew Dennison


Andrew Dennison is a Cayuga County legislator representing District 2.


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