There's been a lot of attention being given to the newly opened Heritage Center and how it can be helpful to visitors coming to our area, who want to visit the many attractions we can offer. Certainly most local folks are aware that there is a lot to offer, including great fishing and hunting opportunities. We also offer a wealth of historical sites to see … even a U.S. president (Millard Fillmore) was born right here in Cayuga County!

Although I grew up in Auburn and left after graduating in 1952, I returned in 1970 and stayed for 10 years during which I worked as a real estate broker while raising my family. I also organized a parapsychology group, composed of several professional people in the area who volunteered their time and did programs for two consecutive years as a "fundraiser" for the YMCA.

When I returned again in 1999, I volunteered to write articles for the local newspaper about artists and artisans. I also wrote several historical articles that included a few that were considered unusual but nevertheless true. For example, I wrote an article on "Why the Crows have come to Auburn" (https://auburnpub.com/lifestyles/why-the-crows-may-have-come-to-auburn-in-the/article_acdf0934-5e7c-11e1-8eb5-0019bb2963f4.html )

I also wrote an article about Spiritualism's beginnings here in Auburn. The fact that the first seances in the nation were held in the homes of Auburn's most prominent citizens was a well hidden fact, but after years of research I found the proof. Our local museum had an exhibit in 2002 that also documented it happening here! Mary Todd Lincoln's visit even resulted in Moravia becoming “The Mecca of Spiritualism.” To read the article, go to: https://auburnpub.com/lifestyles/smith-new-book-shows-possible-impossibilities-exist/article_cdb17afe-ffcc-5921-bac8-fbe76ae9456d.html.

A year ago I wrote about the configuration of ley lines going through Fort Hill Cemetery. Go to: https://auburnpub.com/lifestyles/fort-hill-lies-on-earth-s-ley-lines/article_e0ba9aff-6d9e-5e8b-8d02-8cae4c876029.html to read the article.

Be aware that although Sedona, Arizona is known the world over as a Spiritual Power Center, attracting generations of Native Americans, as well as alternative healers, one of the ley lines going through Fort Hill continues on to Sedona. (There are an equal number of ley lines going through Sedona as there are ley lines going through Fort Hill and so the potential for our own Fort Hill drawing people for "healing" is also a possibility!)

The Citizen recently carried an article about my recent book: “The Possible Impossibilities” that provides even more information about the paranormal happenings in the area. Go to: https://auburnpub.com/lifestyles/smith-new-book-shows-possible-impossibilities-exist/article_cdb17afe-ffcc-5921-bac8-fbe76ae9456d.html.

Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore


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