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In response to Lisa Backus’s letter to the editor regarding city government, I’d like to tag along on some of the current issues that are present within the city of Auburn.

1. The downtown parking situation is a nightmare, and needs to be amended quickly. How do you find this conducive for the elderly to visit the downtown establishments?

2. The higher taxes along with reassignment

3. Additional fees and service tax on water and sewer bill.

4. Bonding and accepting every grant possible, which will cost more money for all taxpayers within the city in the near future.

5. More firemen on the city payroll, and less police officers, which is a step backwards, and not favorable for the citizens of Auburn, especially with crime rates increasing across the city. Would we expect anything else, since both the mayor and city manager are former firemen?

6. Building an unneeded welcome center for over $10 million, while the city's infrastructure is falling apart.

7. Hiring an unqualified city manager to lead our city during inopportune time. Someone with more experience is required for this demanding position.

8. If you attempt to do any remolding on your home or business, get ready for the red tape and reassignment, which will cost you more money for trying to do the right thing.

9. Taxpayers of Auburn, be prepared to pay more for living in the city of Auburn, if the leadership we currently have continues to make mindless and unwise choices.

Expect more issues to follow in response to Lisa Backus’s letter to the editor.

Robert Miles


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