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I am originally from Bay Shore/Brentwood/Central Islip, Long Island areas, and we moved out in July of 1989 and moved to Florida, because the taxes on Long Island were outrageous. We had a two-floor house, three bedrooms, one bath on a quarter acre, and at the time our taxes were $2,400 and going up to $3,000 in a lower-income area. My friend and former co-worker was paying $17,000 on a similar house in a better area. Many have moved out the moment they could sell their homes.

The city of Brentwood/Central Islip, Long Island, New York, is now mostly low-income, filled with crime and most homes cannot even be sold because of the taxes, and the areas have become high-crime areas. This same small town/city was once a beautiful area filled with jobs and opportunities. The main tax that is driving Long Islanders out is the "school tax."

In Auburn, our school district closes up one school, and now spends more, and has recently asked for $43.7 million. My wife and I find it incredible to believe but we can only assume that they are installing a "Missile Defense System" around our schools. Great for the schools, but when does this stop, as this is every two to three years, the schools are asking for more and more money.

If we are not careful, our beautiful city of Auburn, New York, filled with wonderful citizens, will be in the same situation as Long Island, New York, and citizens moving out due to the high taxes.

Andy and Beatriz Villamarzo


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