I am writing to encourage each of you to read the Mueller Report. It is widely available on the Internet. I read it on my phone over Easter weekend and I'm no ace with phone reading. If you prefer a hard copy, The Washington Post edition is available on Amazon at a reasonable price. The library has a few copies as well.

Mr. Barr did the country a disservice by erroneously exonerating the president. Media reports have not sufficiently explained this or exactly what is in the report, so read it for yourself. It describes an assault on our democratic election system by a hostile foreign power, aided and abetted by a successful candidate and then the obstructive actions he took to stymie an investigation into these events. the 448 pages sounds like a lot but Volume II, the obstruction of justice volume, is surprisingly readable. The redactions and the number of Russian participants in Volume I make that a bit more formidable but worth the effort. After all it's just our democracy. People are depending on us not reading it. Prove them wrong.

Patricia Beer


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