The big question is why are all of the president’s men lying to Congress, Mueller and the American people? Rudy Giuliani says the truth is not the truth. Define the truth, Mr. Giuliani. You and President Trump are both liars. Mr. Flynn, Michael Cohen, Manafort and now Roger Stone have all lied to Congress and to Bob Mueller. They should all go to prison and stay there. Donald J. Trump, show your taxes! The American people have to show ours. What are you hiding? Roger Stone is a liar, a cheat, a thief and a downright troublemaker. He loves this just like Trump does. Why doesn’t the do-nothing Republican Senate say or do more about this? The president held 800,000 federal workers hostage about his wall being built. That is just totally wrong and disrespectful. I believe he is either going to shut down the government again or use an executive order to get his wall built. By the way, we will pay for it, not Mexico.

To the Democrats: Don’t raise taxes, don’t legalize marijuana, and don’t tax to death businesses. It just doesn’t work. Pass a bill like an infrastructure bill. Create jobs not casinos; do not legalize marijuana; that is no good. Compromise on the wall. You can’t have Medicare for all with a $22 trillion debt. You’ll break Medicare before 2022 and Social Security at 2034. Work on a federal health care bill. Make changes on it to make it better. Pass a bill on discipline that is needed so badly. This country needs that without being arrested at home or in schools. If we don’t get that passed we are going down. Work on our opioid problem. It is a serious problem. Kirsten Gillibrand worries about women’s rights; you better start with the problems first. The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has to give a little too; nobody gets all they want.

The Trump administration is in serious trouble. It is very similar to Watergate. The American people will not know that until the Mueller report, then judge for yourselves. Our local city, county and state have to govern well until our federal government is done playing politics. I hope Joe Biden runs for president, he knows how Congress works.

I hope both parties wake up, work together, and get some common sense. Our great country needs this very much. God bless the United States of America.

Gary “Stretch” Wright


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