What’s the most negative word in the dictionary? If you guessed “No” you’re correct. If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard that word in my lifetime I’d probably be well off. But I’m sure many others have heard it over again and again. “Sir, can I have a raise? No.” "Sir, how about full-time work, not part-time? No.” “Hey, buddy, can I borrow a couple bucks? No.” “Is it alright if I park my vehicle in front of your house? No.” “Look, I don’t have the money this month to pay the bills, can you wait till next month? No!” “Your radio is a little too loud, can you turn it down a bit? No!” “Can you do me a favor? No!” Why is 95 percent of what’s a reasonable request always answered with a no?

Why, because we are not a very reasonable society here on planet Earth. This hard line of saying no over and over again does not make for a very Christ-like society. What would Jesus answer to most reasonable requests? Most certainly Jesus would not be saying no. Jesus would answer “be helpful, be kind at all times to your fellow man. As you so have treated them you have so treated me.” Why doesn’t everyone think “what would Jesus do?” before answering no? Treating others unkindly and unfairly has a lot to do with a lot of evil going on here, there and everywhere.

If the sole purpose of our creation is to interact upon our fellow man for the good of our fellow man than why do we act in the opposite manner? There’s an old saying “give till it hurts.” The only hurting most everyone is doing is hurting those asking reasonable requests, leaving them down hearted depressed.

“Brother can you spare a dime?” Well the answer to that would probably be “yes” but asking over that amount most likely “no.”

I recall one occasion when I left my wallet at home by accident and noticed I was nearly out of gas. I had to ask numerous strangers if they could give me $5 for gas before one finally said yes and gave me all he had in his wallet ($8).

I thanked him at the time and when I ran into him another time I paid him back, plus $2 extra.

People like that are hard to find but people like that are the salt of the Earth.

Murray Lynch​