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Letter: Budelmann's family court claim misleads

From the Your views: Letters to the editor on Cayuga County Legislature and Surrogate Court races series
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On Sunday, Oct. 10, The Citizen ran an article in which Mr. Budelmann defends his claims that he has experience in family and civil court. As I read this article, my mind was drawn to images of magic tricks, slight of hand and not-so-clever misdirection. The DA is asking us to believe that being involved in civil suits as a party to the action is akin to “practicing law” in civil court. This is just ludicrous. Likewise, he asks us to believe that engaging in conversations with people about juvenile delinquency, juvenile or adolescent offender proceedings equates to practicing in family court. This is equally preposterous. The question that needs to be asked is: When have you appeared as a lawyer representing either a petitioner or respondent in any of these cases? Or even as a child’s attorney? It would be much harder for him to generate the smoke and mirrors that he relies on here if asked that question directly.

It seems that the DA is taking advantage of the average person's lack of intimate knowledge of the court system. Anyone with a basic understanding of our justice system sees this article to be what is clearly is ... an attempt to deceive the voting public. I hope that everyone takes an opportunity to research the absurd claims made here. It will take about three minutes to see this for what it is ... simple misinformation for political gain.

Vote Susman for judge!

The opinions herein are my own and do not reflect the opinion of any place where I am employed or any position I hold.

Frederick E. Cornelius


Frederick E. Cornelius submitted this letter as an individual, not in his roles as an Owasco town councilor or a lieutenant with the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office.


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