"Thanks" to modern technology we now have drones and (as the reader knows) the U. S. military has been using them for combat since 2001.

For years, the drone market was in a nascent phase and had yet to break into the mainstream. But then in 2015, drone industry growth took a major step forward when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted hundreds of new exemptions for companies to operate drones in the U.S. The popularity of them has since created a "boom" in the private sector and toy drones are becoming increasingly popular for recreational use, capable of shooting photos and live stream video.

Since the original intent for a "WALL" was to “stop the flow of illegal drugs coming into the U.S.,” the advent of drones will (oh-so easily) replace the individuals that have been carrying drugs across the border. And, because of it, the President has now shifted his reason for a wall to “stopping the flow of immigrants into this country.”

He's apparently unaware (perhaps) of the fact that we have had laws since 1790 when the Naturalization Act of 1790 established the first rules for immigrants wanting to acquire citizenship in the United States of America. The Act created a uniform rule of naturalization and a residency requirement for new citizenship applicants.

A number of changes and/or additions to the Act followed over the years. But then in 1952 the multiple laws which governed immigration and naturalization to that time were brought into one comprehensive statute, the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). It (1) reaffirmed the national origins quota system, (2) limited immigration from the Eastern Hemisphere while leaving the Western Hemisphere unrestricted, (3) established preferences for skilled workers and relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens; and (4) tightened security and screening standards and procedures.

The INA applies to all "ports of entry" and so, one wonders whether we need to also have walls around the other entry ports? And if so, will a wall around New York City mean that the Statue of Liberty be removed since its "wording" is a total contradiction to what was once the reason our ancestors came to this country?

Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore


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