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It has been just brought to our attention that the Centro buses are no longer be allowed inside Auburn Plaza as of Feb. 4. The bus will stop along the outside but not go through the plaza like it currently does. I am a health care worker, and I take my residents out into the community and shopping. This change is very inconvenient due to most of them having walkers, wheelchairs or trouble walking long distances. This not only concerns me, along with those I take care of, but for the people who are disabled or elderly, this will also make those who rely on public transportation buy less or even frequent the stores/restaurants inside of the plaza. And there are those that work in the plaza and rely on public transportation to get to and from work or groceries. Also those who are in wheelchairs and walkers — how are they supposed to board the bus on the plaza side because it's grass where they want them to stop and not only that, but who is going to keep the spot clean of debris/snow/ice, let alone on the other side, with people trying to cross the road and not get hit or traffic being held up on the main road. There are also college students who are up here from out of state that rely on the public transportation to go shopping.

In my opinion I am starting to think that Auburn or its business owners almost are being discriminatory against people who rely or take public transportation. The downtown Auburn stop was up by where the heritage center is but now it's on Dill Street. How often is the center getting used? It could have been a hub for buses — all buses, our local transportation and the ones coming into Auburn for tours and have the arrival times opposite than Centro.

Auburn has meetings at times where people are at work or have to get children off to school and etc. So some people's voices, the ones it does affect, don't get heard! I would like anyone who wants to voice their opinion about the bus not going through the plaza anymore or routes or etc. to write letters. Make copies, one for you, one for city of Auburn, one for our Senate and one for Centro and also the American with Disabilities Association. The only way changes are to be made are use our voices.

Kimberly Thompson


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