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First I’d like to say let’s stop with the nonsense letters about who qualifies and who doesn’t qualify to run for chairman of the Legislature. Yes, it’s considered a full-time job but it’s not a job that requires a person to be there every day of the week, eight hours a day — same with being on the Legislature. That is unless the only people you want running for these positions are unemployed people or retired people. I’m not sure that would give us a good pool of qualified or diverse people that could run.

Are you going to quit your job to run for a job that pays $10,000 a year or $30,000 if you get elected to the chair? And know it's a four-year term and you could be done? My personal opinion is we need more business-oriented people running for the Legislature. Maybe the reason we’re on our fourth administrator in 10 years is because past chairmen had too much time to spend on the sixth floor trying to run things instead of letting the administrators do their job.

The state considers being on county Legislatures a full-time job; you make your own decisions on that. I encourage more people to run for these positions but usually come election time not many people show much interest, and as I stated before, I’d love to see more business-oriented people running because, trust me, government could use more business sense.

Andrew Dennison


Dennison is the Cayuga County District 2 legislator