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Letter: Calarco will be a strong Cayuga County leader

From the Your views: Letters to the editor on Cayuga County Legislature and Surrogate Court races series
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I am highly impressed with the numbers of women running for office in Cayuga County this year. As a former candidate for Cayuga County Legislature gender equity in local politics matters to me.

I often use the phrase "The Future is Female" to express my desire for more women to run for office. Each year it seems more Cayuga County women are responding to this call to action. Among the 2021 women candidates is Christine Calarco, one of Cayuga County's best and brightest emerging women leaders. I am thrilled she is running to represent her district in the Cayuga County Legislature.

Christine is an example of what the future of women's leadership looks like in our county. As a lifelong Auburn resident she brings an interesting perspective to this race. Christine has fond memories of growing up in Auburn. However, she also knows her generation and those following her need leaders who understand their desires for the future. Desires related to but not the same as generations before them. Christine has ideas for what it takes to sustain a safe, respectful, fair community for diverse generations. This is one of the many assets she brings to her campaign.

My company provides executive coaching services to emerging women leaders across the country. In our work we help them develop the leadership competencies of confidence, competence, courage and calm. Women leaders with these competencies achieve great success. Christine Calarco entered this race as a confident,competent, courageous and calm woman leader. Keep an eye on her. When elected to the Cayuga County Legislature she will achieve great success on behalf of her constituents. It is with a full heart and great hopes for the future of Auburn and Cayuga County that I endorse Christine Calarco.

Gwendolyn Webber-McLeod



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