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Letter: Carabajal is best Assembly choice

Letter: Carabajal is best Assembly choice


I'm writing as to why we should choose Ms. Dia Carabajal to represent us in Albany. Dia is a dedicated public servant who puts the needs of others ahead of her own. As you know, she has served on the Auburn City Council in the past and was a school board member. Those two positions in themselves are time-consuming posts that require commitment for the sake of community. Dia is an educator! She has helped so many people achieve their personal goals of obtaining higher education.

If elected, Dia will represent the 126th Assembly District the way it should be represented. Look at Cortland and Ithaca ... two cities represented by a retiring Democrat (another educator). These cities are prospering due to them having a true voice in Albany. It may not seem like a big deal but it is. It is time for the cities, towns and villages within the 126th Assembly District to be represented by someone who can help us and move us forward in accomplishing great things.

I am a former Democrat-turned-independent who is graciously and wholeheartedly endorsing Dia For Assembly, and you should too. Retiring Assemblyman Finch and candidate John Lemondes summarized earlier why we should vote for Dia. Per Mr. Finch, his "proudest" achievement while serving 20 years in Albany was working on a bill to address thefts of anhydrous ammonia from upstate New York farms. This bill made the theft a felony. Those this is a pretty good bill that should be recognized, more could have been done in those 20 years ... more that addressed our underfunded upstate schools. When addressed about this, Mr. Finch told students funding schools wasn't his main priority.

As for Mr. Lemondes, he has openly stated "The infrastructure that Assemblyman Finch has set up and the footprint he has established in the counties he serves is working well."

After 20 years, we deserve to go in a different (perhaps better) direction and finally be heard and recognized as a strong, collective voice in Albany. We deserve to have fair funding for our schools and communities. We deserve so much more for our small business and residents. Based on the comments from Mr. Lemondes and Mr. Finch, we deserve true representation. Please join me in endorsing Ms. Carabajal to be our next representative in Albany. Ms. Carabajal will work with all to make upstate better.

Jermaine Bagnall-Graham



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