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Some things in life you just have to put closure on. Hopefully, for me, writing about it will do it.

Recently our beloved cat Ashley died suddenly and unexpectedly. She was the best cat anyone could ever have. She was so well behaved and so loving. Her death brought great sadness to me, my wife, my son and my daughter.

When we moved to our new residence, Ashley was left behind by the previous tenants, and what a blessing it turned out to be for us. She was always such a joy to behold. She was always so healthy and full of energy. She was such a loving cat, always wanting to sit on everyone's lap then curl up and rub her face on your cheek. Then she'd fall asleep on one of our laps and take a little cat nap.

There was never a time when we came home that she wouldn't come running to greet us.

Six years living with our wonderful Ashley and in the blink of an eye just like that she dies totally unexpectedly.

Life just isn't the same anymore. Ashley had more love in her for us and it made us all feel very good. It's always hard to lose someone that loved you and you loved back.

This old crazy hate-filled world we live in could use love.

It'll never change. Most people don't want to be bothered to be anything but self-centered. I don't care about the other guy's problems in the world.

It was good to be truly loved by our beloved cat Ashley. We meant the world to her, and she meant the world to us. We felt really bad when she died, because due to a lack of finances we couldn't always afford to take her to the vet for checkups. She might still be alive if not for our lack of finances.

How can anyone living on a fixed income get by on all the price gouging in today's world? There's that cursed 8 percent sales tax, outrageously high utility bills, ridiculously high vehicle insurance, vehicle vandalism costs, costly vehicle maintenance, high rent. Yeah, it's all about the money. But money only goes so far.

Money aside, Ashley was a shining light. She came into our lives and lit up our world. We treated her like a queen and gave her our best. She made us all happy and stress free. We miss he so much we asked God to take her to Heaven so someday we'll have her for eternity.

Murray Lynch


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