On the national level the Democrats keep crying the sky is falling, we’re going into a recession even though the stock market has been up. Yes eventually it will go down, it always does, and then go back up. Unemployment is at historic lows including minority unemployment and inflation is low, interest rates are low but I guess if you tell someone something enough times you hope they will believe you.

And The Citizen keeps printing editorials about how the sky is falling here in Cayuga County but roads are being paved and the weeds are being mowed, services are still going on, no one is being turned away and yes, we have some vacancies in departments right now and most of those are due to our former administrator bringing in people he recommended for these positions that it turns out really weren’t qualified or him driving away people who were good employees but didn’t fit into his grand scheme of running everything.

I’ve only been here for one hiring of one administrator, which was Justin Woods, and that turned out to be a huge mistake as most of our problems that we’re working through were caused from hiring him so the fact that we got rid of him is the first step in getting things straightened back out so considering The Citizen isn’t there to see the day-to-day operations maybe they should stop chirping the sky is falling and let’s not forget they were the ones over the years pushing for the administrator style government here in this county and it’s my understanding we’ve gone through around five of them in the last 10 or 12 years so maybe The Citizen Editorial Board should run the county.

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Andrew Dennison


Andrew Dennison is a Cayuga County legislator representing District 2.

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