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Your parking lot SOON TO BE GONE!

The city manager, mayor and city council HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDA!

1. They do not listen to the public

2. Their minds were made up in the beginning to put the “visitors center” in the public parking lot.

3. They bribed people with a “free” parking in the unsafe parking garage, especially for young mothers with little ones and senior citizens going to the Y.

4. They ignored the negative effect taking away the parking lot will have on the YMCA, which stands to lose memberships.

5. They decided arbitrarily to build a hideous modern "welcome center” in the much preferred city parking lot by the taxpayers of Auburn.

6. This administration will not even consider alternative locations for this “welcoming center.”

7. Owasco Lake? Drinking water? Swimming? Tourists? Years, months, wasted!!

8. On Nov. 7, vote NO. Cuddy and McCormick out.

Betty Gregory