I have written before about gun violence in America. I have said I am a gun owner and hunter all my life. I believe in the Second Amendment. Freedom to bear arms. I also strongly believe we don't need an AK-47 to go deer hunting. I bought a 12-gauge shotgun at a gun show in Syracuse in April 1994. I wasn't asked to show ID, no background check, no registration, nothing at all. I asked if he wanted any ID. He said, you got what you want, I got mine. You can have all the gun laws you want, it is never going to stop gun sales.

This country can help itself by educating our kids with discipline and respect about guns without being arrested. It all starts at home and schools. The politicians and attorneys don't get it at all. Where are you and when are you going to wake up? The American people can't go to church, the movies, shopping, picnics, because of fear of being shot.

We live in a violent society but it all starts at home. The parents can't discipline their kids when they can't discipline themselves. Bring back discipline in the home and schools; this will help so much. Bring back the pledge to the flag, prayer in schools. God knows we need it.

President Trump isn't the second coming of Christ. He is a joke. We as a country need these things done now for a better nation.

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I hope and pray those things I have written about get done. The handwriting is all there. President Trump only cares about the rich and famous, not the common man. The Statue of Liberty says give me your poor, sick, unfortunate people. Mr. Cuccinelli of the Trump administration says give me people who will do for themselves. The whole Trump administration only cares for the wealthy people and businesses. The whole do-nothing Republican Senate will do nothing. They will support Trump's madness. God help this country.

Gary "Stretch" Wright


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