A sign of the times in the news: Bullet-proof vests and backpacks for sale.

So this is what the United States has come down to. You can just bet the companies that are selling them are making a fortune off the parents who are forced to spend their limited resources on this. Money off an unfortunate tragedy. This is all because the NRA does not care about anyone except for money, power and politics.

The U.S. shares the blame, as well, because we turned our back on God and his standards. We are like the Roman Empire, and like the Roman Empire, we will go down in ruins, unless we turn back to Him.

One thing is for sure. This cannot go on indefinitely; sooner or later, something is going to happen. Fifty or 60 years ago, parents told their children to pay attention in class, listen, learn and get good grades, and also do their best for their team and coach.

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Nowadays, parent have to tell their children about gun drills and what to do, and now they have to dress them like soldiers and send them off to war.

William Hopkins


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