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We can overcome

Our country has become a very dark and dangerous place in which to live. I grew up learning right from wrong, and I was in a family that went to church each Sunday and read our Bibles, learned our scripture verses and had an intact family that loved each other. One BIG mistake I can see that my church did not speak out about current social issues and never politics. When I look back, I can see now that that was a big mistake. If those current issues had been brought to light and how they related to what we were being taught from our Bible, I believe the Roe vs. Wade bill would never have passed.

We raise money for a cure for cancer, diabetes and heart disease but the real disease killing this country is a sick soul disease. We worry about the cold we just suffered through, whether Syracuse basketball is going to win their game and who will win the Super Bowl while evil has gradually crept into this country of ours.

What has happened to our country that is now opting to murder babies not only in the womb but already born? We as people who believe in the sanctity of life need not just to complain now but put our voices to mobility and march to Albany and demand the resignation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo before we become a Nazi Germany state. Now a second state’s governor is trying to outdo him in Virginia by murdering babies already born. What state is next? What worse debauchery acts can we come up with next?

I am asking evangelical churches and Christian Catholic churches and other people who have been taught right from wrong to go in a peaceful protest to our state capital demanding the resignation of the governor. I still think there is hope for our great state of New York and the majority of people in this country do not believe in murdering the born and unborn.

Let Auburn and the outlying villages mobilize peacefully and march to Albany so our voices can be heard.

I would appreciate a response from pastors and priests in editorial form be put in this newspaper.

Suzanne Searing ​


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