I was struck by the recent article in The Citizen that reported on the Auburn City Council backing some major Auburn-area projects. This is great news because these projects bring jobs and new investment into the city and county. My concern however is fundamental to business development and making sure the city council doesn’t forget about companies already located in Auburn that are struggling because of a lack of follow through and due diligence on contracts the council approved but has clearly been asleep at the switch again. I recently stated my concerns about paving roads as schools opened and there is more traffic causing disruption for many people — this should have been avoided. City Councilors can’t simply approve a contract and forget about it — disruptions can cost the city dollars and cause safety issues.

As we think about economic development let’s not forget about the business connected to the North Division Street bridge.

• Why aren’t the city councilors concerned about a project that was supposed to be completed three months ago?

• Why aren’t they talking about the cost overruns and how that influences the city budget?

• Why aren’t they concerned about the impact the delay and disruption has on small businesses?

How much business and money are the businesses around the North Division Street bridge losing due to the inconvenience and disruption caused by this project is taking so long? We can’t forget these citizens! Has the city council talked to these residents about the delays and the impact it has on them? Also paving in the colder months is a problem that ultimately will bite the city because the roads will need to be fixed and repaved sooner because the asphalt isn’t as effective when you pave in the colder months. Where are the checks and balances? Economic development starts at home — let’s make sure we are doing the necessary things to help our citizens and existing businesses. Our city officials need to pay attention to these projects before we cause more problems.

When I am elected to the city council I will not forget the neighbors who need a voice — the lack of attention to these projects causes problems and costs money and it can and will be avoided if you elect me. I am Tim Locastro and I am running for Auburn City Council.

Tim Locastro


Tim Locastro is an Auburn City Council candidate.

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