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First of all I want to thank David Gould and Jim Stowell for hard work, dedication and long hours of service at the sheriff’s department. They are good men who did a great job for this county. Dave and Jim, job well done.

Let’s start our new year off right.

1. Get our lake cleaned up.

2. Get this opioid drug problem solved.

3. Fight for an infrastructure bill for our highways and bridges to be repaired.

4. Fight for a discipline and respect bill to be heard and passed.

The county has to be involved, the city, New York state and the federal government as well. These problems are big problems and need to be addressed. The people are destroying themselves. The parents have to be more involved in a more civil way without being arrested. God only knows no one is perfect, including myself. We can try and make a difference. Discipline is the key for success. Ask God for help and he will help you. Teach our kids some church structure. Gov. Cuomo, please don’t legalize marijuana. All politicians need to get the government working again by working together. County lawmakers working together get things done. Fight drugs, get the lake cleaned up, and get a bill passed for discipline and respect done. You owe that to future generations. People, clean up your property, take pride in yourself and what you own. This is our state, our country and city, keep it clean and neat. This is still the best country in the whole world. Happy new year to everyone in New York state and Cayuga County.

Gary “Stretch” Wright


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