I would like to present a scenario to members of the city council, the mayor and city manager. It will be role playing time — ready?

You do not have a car. You care for family with no compensation so you can only work part time. You are very low income although you made all the "right decisions." Tomorrow morning the buses do not run, so you will walk from downtown Auburn to Walmart. Please do this tomorrow morning. Take this challenge. Then tell us how you did. Then try it again, next snowstorm. Then, do it for years.

It is my contention that you have no connection to what poorer people go through in this city. The sidewalks leading to your new bus stop location you never consulted us about are covered with ice and snow, inaccessible to the elderly and disabled due to the danger. If I did not wear ice cleats in Auburn, I would certainly be dead by now, after multiple falls trying to walk to work, and I am neither elderly nor disabled. I see those people struggling in summer heat and winter snowstorms just to get to a bus.

In 2019, it will be possible to vote out all the incumbents who burdened bus riders in 2018 and even made the roads impassable for drivers in the name of "beautification (for you)." Since none of you take responsibility, by default I am voting you all out.

Lisa Backus


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