Letter: Climate doomsday theories ignore science

Letter: Climate doomsday theories ignore science


The climate debate: It seems our illustrious governor has a problem with his long-term memory. He doesn't remember hurricanes or torrential downpours hitting New York before. We also have a lightweight downstate representative who wants to convert all public housing to all electric while closing fossil fuel generating plants to save the planet.

Then we have little Miss Greta, who is stomping around the world spreading her doom and gloom that the end is near. Read the science, she says. Well apparently she never read the science and it's doubtful she would understand it if she did read it. Apparently Andy, Alexandria and the rest of the environment extremist crowd haven't read the scientific data either as it doesn't support their wild claims. Real scientific data refutes their claims about storms, hurricanes, droughts, the melting ice caps, the polar bears and the rising temperatures. The climate will change on a yearly basis just as it's done for hundreds of million years and it is not a crisis.

Serious research using legitimate scientific data will show all these claims to be falsehoods spread by environmental wackos. The huge temperature increases they are predicting are based on computer projections. You can't program all the variables needed to accurately predict the weather five, 10 or 20 years into the future. They have trouble getting it right for a five-day projection. The mean average global temperatures in the northern Hemisphere has hovered around 58.7 degrees for over 20 years. In the last two years the mean average temperature has actually decreased 2 degrees.

So Andy, Alex and Greta, since your so attuned to the science of climate change, I challenge you to a debate on the subject. I doubt will accept this challenge because your lack of knowledge would become very evident.

Steven Gibbs



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