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Letter: Columbus statue in Syracuse should remain

Letter: Columbus statue in Syracuse should remain


Attending a peaceful show of support for not removing the monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus in Syracuse, I sensed the strong emotions of the Italian ancestry shared by those present. The magnificent monument of Columbus is a tribute for Columbus' voyage to the new world, adding to the great pride of the Italian immigrants who settled in Syracuse.

Those Italian families came to America with empty pockets, only carrying a sack on their backs, but very spirited and proud to have arrived in America, their new adopted land, offering new life and the American dream. Their faith in God was primary, as often they would exclaim, "Se Dio vuole," or "If God allows." The Italian immigrants shared nothing but pride, amore, and well-being among themselves and with others too; continuously they would open up their doors to welcome their neighbors, saying: "Avanti, avanti, — come in, please make your self at home." Their homes full of joy, were of large families that never despaired, never asking for any public assistance, and under many obstacle, oppression, discrimination and insults due to the language barriers, and often receiving threats, it would not break their resilience. With each passing year, they proved themselves, to have their next generations to continue their "dream" becoming scientist, educators, astronauts, engineers, governors, sculptors, physicists, researchers, enriching their ancestry. Wherever Italian communities existed, monuments were erected with pride for their Italian lineage.

In Syracuse, the present monument of Cristoforo Colombo was proudly erected at the site with the full support of the city administration. The Italian families, who could barely support their own family, together raised funds on their own to erect the monument to their heritage at no cost to the city administration.

Christopher Columbus sailed out to find a new world for the future generations that would harvest a new life, with great achievements. He had deep faith in God, courage to challenge the unknown. Setting foot in the new world, he dedicated it, to his Holy Saviour, San Salvador, the Holy Reedemer.

The Columbus monument that stands at the Columbus Circle should remain, as it was solely paid by those Italian families whose generations are now proud citizens of Syracuse. How sad to see that the American History is changing rapidly to the cling-clang of those who are instigated, directed by the various factions, organizers, who behind the curtain, are setting up scenes to destroy the American culture and history.

Paolo Saltarello



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