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A perfect storm is endangering our country.

A perfect storm is endangering our Constitution, our democracy, our country, our safety, our freedoms, our way of life, our economy, our happiness, our peace of mind, our enjoyment of life, our children's sense of security, our environment, our livelihoods, and our relationship with our allies.

This perfect storm is an out-of-control, dishonest, uninformed, impulsive president and a Congress that is complicit because of their silence and affirmation of his actions. When will Congress assert the checks and balances needed to save our democracy?

Rep. John Katko, why the Congressional silence on all Trump's reckless, irrational behavior? Where is your outrage? Why does Congress just look the other way and shrug shoulders when asked about Trump's ideas, behaviors and lack of leadership and action? Where is your outrage over his inane executive orders? You were all vocal and outraged over Obama's executive orders. Congress is weaker now under a Republican president than a Democratic one. You are all timid, confused apologists for Trump. You say nothing, you do nothing to challenge him and you all cower and stay under the radar. You are afraid to challenge him. Is your partisan silence the surest way for your re-elections? Your constituents DEMAND that you and your colleagues become once again a co-equal branch of government and protect us and our precious country, Constitution and democracy, now.

Laurie Roberts