Letter: Conole has become a disappointment

Letter: Conole has become a disappointment


I recently received three pieces of campaign literature encouraging me to vote for Francis Conole in the June Democratic primary. Each piece was more revealing than the previous one and used half truths and insults to promote this candidate and undermine his opponent Dana Balter. I was disappointed that a man with such an honorable background would stoop to such shallow maneuvering.

Mr. Conole claims he is “the” endorsed Democrat in the NY24 district and erroneously names groups that have rejected Dana as a candidate. One only needs to look up electdanabalter.com and view her many significant endorsements to know this is untrue.

His flyer calls him battle-tested, but he has no legislative experience. Military service, certainly a noble endeavor, does not give him a local understanding of all citizens in NY24. When invited to a meet the candidate forum in Wayne County, Mr Conole had other commitments. Dana is a familiar face in this rural area and has frequently listened to our concerns and shared her agenda with us.

Most insulting of all in the last mailer was the suggestion that Dana is running for selfish reasons and should step aside to allow Mr Conole to take the stage. This kind of self-serving rhetoric comes right out of the Katko/Trump handbook.

We already have too many self-centered arrogant individuals in Washington. We need honest, compassionate, well-informed leaders who take pride in the words they say and who know the people they represent. We need Dana Balter to be our next representative to the United States House of Representatives.

Mary Rehor



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