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Letter: Corrupt Trump deserves no defenders

Letter: Corrupt Trump deserves no defenders


We can only laugh at the Republican Party and its leaders for wanting to censure congressmen/women who voted to impeach Donald Trump.

First, many of the lawyers who are in Congress who voted to impeach Donald Trump for his incitement of the insurrection on Jan. 6 on the U.S. Capitol were 100% correct in their vote; now the Republican Party is trying to censure all of the congressmen/women and senators who voted to impeach or to convict. We must all wonder as to the real motives behind this censure.

Secondly, the only reason that Donald Trump was not convicted was because "many" of the senators (43) believed in collusion, rather than the rule of law. It is clearly not understood as to why the Republican Party has chosen to support a corrupt, white nationalist/racist, incompetent and sociopath like Donald Trump? Donald Trump has shown both past and present that he is only for himself and not for this country; he has shown he aligns his views with socialist and communist dictators around the world and has insulted our allies and it is quite obvious that the leaders around the world do not want him at any of the summits as all Donald Trump can do is to push for Vladimir Putin/Russia to be allowed back into the G7 countries.

Lastly, Donald Trump has single-handedly destroyed many of the government agencies and the DOJ is in an uproar over using them as his own private law firm to get him out of trouble. In addition, he clearly incited an insurrection against his own country, this is treason. The Republican Party around the country can only think about censuring their own for, frankly speaking, doing their job to uphold the rule of law. U.S. Rep. John Katko was absolutely correct in his vote and we salute him for the same.

In closure, those in the Republican Party who wish to hold dictatorship behavior need to think not so much about the 75 million losers in this country but the 82 million winners, as their politics and behavior is now being observed more closely by the voters. Hopefully, the Republican Party can address the coward in Texas named "Cancun Cruz" and Governor Abbott, who failed to do their jobs just like Donald Trump who also failed to do his job. Strange but President Biden has done more in 30 days than Donald Trump has in four years!

Andres and Beatriz Villamarzo



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