Changes I've seen in my lifetime 'cause me to wonder if my country is going in the wrong direction. And, here are my concerns!

If "freedom of religion" is guaranteed by our Bill of Rights, then why are some Christians who have churches opposed to Muslims having mosques and Jews their synagogues? (After all, aren't we all praying to the same God?)

And, why do some folks support the Constitution only when it supports their political ideology? Hatred is becoming increasingly more and more apparent and you're noticing that you no longer have the right to have your own opinion unless it is in agreement with the other person … usually a Christian! (Remember that there are 1,300 denominations of them. I know because I belong to one of them and there's a lot of conflict among many of them and thus, why so many denominations!)

We're polluting ourselves (perhaps out of existence) and there's also climate change that is being totally ignored by our politicians … and especially this President!

The Bible says that there are “those who are blind to the truth!” And we're seeing that is so because America is truly proving itself to be the land of the special interest and home of the double standard … thanks to many of our politicians.

We're even letting our politicians lie and we're dismissing it by calling it "politics." (However, it is still worth remembering folks that if we lie, it's still called a felony!)

We're even letting politicians split us apart. Rather than the two parties working together “for the common good of all the people” as our Constitution dictates, we're letting elected officials – as well as our President – divide us. It's the Republicans vs. the Democrats! (Hatred is more alive in this country than it ever has been in our nation's history!)

Wake up folks because this nation is in serious trouble!

Joyce Hackett Smith-Moore


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