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Letter: Country's foundation needs strengthening

Letter: Country's foundation needs strengthening


Balance in all things.

That is a phrase that I use often to describe what happens and affects our lives. Balance allows us to stand, walk and run. Balance is what enables us to move forward. Our democratic republic is based on balance. It balances the voices that comprise our society, challenges those same voices so that they don’t harm, and gives the People direction while at the same time taking direction. It balances the needs and liberties of the many with the needs and liberty of the individual. Our system of government provides the foundation upon which our ever evolving political issues are balanced.

On Wednesday we witnessed that foundation is less solid and more like a razor’s edge. We saw the results of the work eroding at the foundation – the constant drama that keeps us divided and fighting each other, the undermining of trust in the institutions that form that foundation, and the abuse of power by those who faithlessly hold positions of power.

On a day that the state of Georgia decided a contentious election and came out with two new U.S. senators, the state of New York swore in its legislators and prepared to move forward with the people’s business (particularly addressing the COVID crisis and preparing how we will recover socially and economically), and both houses of the U.S. Congress met to confirm the election of our next duly elected president, a day that should be met with hope and celebration, we saw our balance attacked by seditious insurrection brought on by the man who worked hardest to destroy the foundation of our government.

We also saw that insurrection fail and the work that Congress was meant to perform succeed. We saw the condemnation of the insurrection by the majority of people in this nation. We saw the resiliency of faith in our form government.

When the people’s work is faithfully done in our legislatures and every effort made for it to succeed, we build on our foundation. When the transition of power to the new president is peacefully complete, we strengthen that foundation.

We witnessed how fragile our foundation had become, but we saw even more the need to rebuild our foundation and achieve the balance necessary for our nation to stand up and move forward again.

Scott Comegys



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