Well, the Cayuga County Legislature is at it again. This time it's County Administrator J. Justin Woods who got the axe. The public, of course doesn't know why. How come?

Why is it that every time the county fires their administrators, it's such a deep dark secret?

Woods was only in place since December 2017, but evidently, got under the legislators' nerves and had to go immediately. Why this "immediate" discharge?

This isn't first time the Legislature fired their administrators: There was Wayne Allen, who lasted a very short time and got the axe in 2009, without an explanation; and Tom Squires who quit in 2013 for a better job with Mohawk Valley Community College; and then there was Suzanne Sinclair, who lasted about three years and was forced out, again, without an explanation to the public.

It appears that the problem may not be with these administrators but with the members of the Legislature.

These and previous legislators just can't let go of the reins and let the administrators do their jobs. And again, why is that?

Well, it appears to me that the Legislature just can't "define" the authority of the administrators but sure as hell, give these administrators all the "responsibilities" for administrating the functions of the county.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Legislature, these administrators just can't operate this way and neither can the county.

If you give the administrator the responsibilities to run the county, then you need to give him/her the authority to implement their actions. He or she can't have one without the other and still do their job.

Either let go of the reins or give these duties, whatever they are, to the county chairman and stop hiring administrators under false pretenses.

Yes, it's time again to sit down and "define" who's doing what to whom in this county and stop the nonsense.

Hell, every time the county fires an administrator, it costs us more money — again and again.

Enough already.

Bill Balyszak


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