America's law-abiding citizens are being forced to accept decisions which years ago were unthinkable and abhorrent.

Such as:

• A man pleads guilty of sexual acts to a young girl between the ages of 6 and 11. A class D felony. He received two years in prison and 10 years post-release supervision. His penalty was a $50 registration fee and a $1,000 supplemental victim fee. Incredulous!

Where are the rights of the innocents? Have we sunk so low as to care more for the perpetrators than the victims and the devastation to the children?

As I read the daily crimes list I am appalled to see the unfortunate trends in the courts. Crimes that were abhorrent years ago have been desensitized into docile acquiesce (quiet submission).

We are being manipulated by some of the current laws who have many areas of misinterpretation.

Beware the first step.

Lucy Cacciotti


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