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The changing of the world’s attitude begins one person at a time, not with the government. Today’s problems are being exacerbated by little dialogue among the different bodies of government officials. We cannot ever hope to achieve any pertinent solutions to our problems if we do not examine ourselves; one person at a time.

1. Begin with ourselves.

2. Think of others first.

3. Do not associate with devious people.

4. Return to ethical behavior.

Then ...

1. We can help others do the same in their own country thus promoting self-sufficiency, morals and love of their own heritage.

2. The churches with their ministries have provided excellent service at the grass roots level to the countries they serve.

3. One person at a time can begin a massive movement.

4. We can make a petition and state our views on:

a. Abortion: reveal its dire inhumanity.

b. Marijuana: reveal effects of its usage.

c. Pedophiles: unmask them and punish severely.

It would begin.

We find abortion is murder and it should be stopped. That’s all you have to do. Put it on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, radios, et al. You have the power. Avail ourselves of all free advertising. It would be cost effective. We cannot remain silent — we must stand up and be counted. Beware the first step.

Lucy Cacciotti


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