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I am writing in regards to the tragically increasing opioid epidemic in this country. This and other deadly behaviors, are really symptoms of a much larger problem. America is reaping the rotten fruit of secular humanism and left-wing liberalism which has poisoned the minds of so many today.

Teaching that there is no hope of anything but the here and now, secular humanism, and its fatalistic views which include no God, no afterlife and no purpose in life have left the masses hopeless to embrace a philosophy of eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Is it any wonder why so many today are looking for a way to escape a seemingly hopeless existence, through drugs, sex, social media addiction, and whatever else they can use to distract them from a hopeless future? One of the biggest lies this generation has been told is that all they are is a physical body possessing no soul or spirit. The dialectic materialism of Karl Marx, which teaches Godlessness and that now is the only thing that matters, is the guiding principle in many areas of society today. This is taught very heavily in the area of science.

Of course there is a God or supernatural intelligence. This can be proven by the fact that the complexity of creation could not be the result of random chance. The sheer impossibility of spontaneous generation and the incredible interlocking structures in a single cell prove life has supernatural origins and that life comes from life regardless of how many gases, chemicals and billions of years you add to the mixture.

I propose we stop lying to this generation! Stop giving them fake news, fake money, fake science, mindless consumerism, which only perpetuates the madness. Stop embracing a death culture that popularizes death metal music, that promotes satanism, and the placing of human skulls on everything from welding helmets to baby pajamas. If America is ever going to solve the drug problem, legal or illegal, there needs to be a re-tooling of our culture to one of hope, and life which is the message of Christianity. Stop promoting hopelessness and death.

This generation needs to understand the principles that made this great country. The slow creep of Marxism needs to be exposed and halted. Why not give them the truth and hope for a future.

Stephen Lonsky