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Letter: Cuomo rips off Auburn school district

Letter: Cuomo rips off Auburn school district


How many more years do parents have to sit back and watch Governor Cuomo continuously cut funding to the Auburn school district? As a parent it is extremely frustrating that Auburn students continue to suffer the consequences of inadequate funding, which has yet to be corrected by Albany since 2008. To wrap my head around this, that is the year my daughter started kindergarten and she is now currently a senior in high school. Her entire school career has been met by financial difficulties that the Auburn school district continues to fight just to make ends meet.

As a result of Cuomo’s inadequate funding of foundation aid to Auburn schools, I have watched West Middle close its doors, numerous staff cuts, less music and art classes, possibilities of losing different sports programs, and increased class sizes. Now we throw in a global pandemic where kids have had less socialization, less classroom instruction, less opportunities to participate in events that many students eagerly wait to partake in: school concerts, sports teams, school clubs. Auburn students continue to lose! Not to mention school districts are facing a bigger and ever growing challenge, which is the mental health of many students.

So, added together of improper funding from Albany, more expenses incurred due to the increased expense of PPE equipment to ensure school safety, and dealing with the many social and emotional health of students, Auburn school district needs help. Our elected officials need to realize that this is not sustainable for students to get a deserving education. Nor is it fair to watch neighboring school districts who have been properly funded get larger increases from Albany. As a parent, I am not OK with this. My children should have every opportunity to be a successful individual as any other child has in New York state. My children deserve an equal chance of acceptance into colleges by receiving a proper education without so many obstacles because Albany refuses to correct an improper formula that Auburn has been placed into.

Further, if Auburn were properly funded, Auburn would receive an additional $25 million! Think of what could be added back to these children’s education just by getting our fair share of state funding. I encourage parents, grandparents or future parents to fight for your child’s education. I believe our children should walk way with a decent education and hopes of a prosperous future.

Melissa Deyneka



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