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Letter: Cuomo's food rules hurt businesses

Letter: Cuomo's food rules hurt businesses

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The new requirement that citizens must purchase food in order to purchase beer at pubs (even if purchasing to go) is indefensible, economically damaging, and just plain asinine. While I could illustrate many reasons in defense of my thesis, space permits me only a couple: Thirsty Pug. A great local establishment. A few tables inside, a few tables outside. Spacious. Easy to social distance. However, because of Governor Cuomo's capricious regulation I can no longer walk in there (wearing a mask) pull a four-pack of beer out of the cooler, walk to the counter and give money to a local business. Oh, unless I buy a chicken sandwich or some pizza to walk out with. Same with Prison City Pub. I can't pull around curbside to buy a crowler unless I add food. Even though I wouldn't be within 100 feet of dining tables. Never mind that I've safely completed this transaction at both businesses dozens of times before. No, now, because a few people may be sitting at tables somewhere in the vicinity, Governor Cuomo, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that it is no longer a safe scenario for me to buy alcohol unless I buy something to digest to go with it. I can stop right there. No sane human being would think this is a good idea. Left, right, middle, doesn't matter. An awful regulation is an awful regulation. Sadly, honest local businesses are going to suffer as a result.

Ben Guzalak



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