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Debby McCormick has protected the health of Owasco Lake and the quality of the drinking water it provides since she was elected four years ago. She has served as a representative of the Auburn City Council on the Owasco Watershed Management Council and the Watershed Inspection Committee.

As we all know Owasco Lake is not contained within the city limits; however, it provides drinking water for all of us. These committees have worked in tandem with the county and the city to be good stewards of this precious resource. Debby has been at the fore of safeguarding our drinking water as the sole representative for the 27,000 residents of the city. Global climate change is upon us and with it harmful algae blooms that have created a hazard to our drinking water supply here in our community. This year the governor acted fast when the town of Owasco and the city of Auburn requested assistance to address this threat. Debby’s participation on these committees was one of the reasons the city was able to act quickly.

She was able to use her watershed knowledge base to inform city officials, staff and council. When toxins appeared in the drinking water supply city staff and city council acted without hesitation. We know that many elected officials throughout this country have been “asleep at the wheel” when drinking water supplies were in danger. This resulted in catastrophic results for Flint, Michigan, and Hoosick Falls, New York. Thankfully, Auburn was able to avoid similar tragedy. Debby McCormick cares about our community and has worked hard for all of us.

We are safer and healthier as a result of her hard work. She represents us well on city council and in the greater CNY region. It is for that reason that I urge you to support Debby McCormick with your vote on Nov. 7.

Michael Kowal