In a recent letter to The Citizen I criticized U.S. Rep. Katko for his lack of action on health care legislation. Mr. Frank Petrosino responded, challenging my assertions as unfounded and erroneous. He references a 2013 article in the Washington Post noting that medical bankruptcies have declined. In that same newspaper a much more recent article (Aug 13, 2018) is titled "Retired and Broke: Bankruptcy filing surging for seniors." This item says in part "data from the Consumer Bankruptcy Project shows that bankruptcy filings by people 65 and older are climbing." Further, "In our data older Americans report they are struggling with increased financial risks, namely inadequate income and unmanageable costs of health care." The more recent news supports my point that things are bad and that Congress, including Mr. Katko, is not helping. Mr. Petrosino claims, without supporting evidence, that "Congressman Katko fights for the people he represents, and always does what is best for his constituents." If you really want to know who Mr. Katko supports then you can access his voting record at Pro Publica and other congressional reporting websites. My assessment continues that his votes favor insurance companies, defense contractors, drug companies, firearms makers and corporations and not the individual constituents of his district. I continue to recommend that Mr. Katko resign and seek a job in the Department of Homeland Security where his experience and interests would be of greater use to the nation. That would make way for a representative ready to be more assertive on health care progress.

Jim Brady

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Jim Brady is a member of Indivisible Cayuga Steering Committee.

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