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Letter: Democracy demands a strong reaction

Letter: Democracy demands a strong reaction


Whether you supported Biden or Trump for president, the events at the Capitol on January 6th should shake you up. I am a Biden supporter, but sympathize with the disappointment that Trump supporters must feel over the last several months. But an attack on Congress doing its time-honored job is totally outside the bounds of our democratic system.

Peaceful protests, asking for recounts, being skeptical of results is everyone's right in a democracy. But storming the Capitol to disrupt a legal process is not. It threatens the very foundation that allows you to be a Trump supporter and me to be a Biden supporter. We live in a democracy and we abide by rules and procedures, regardless of the outcome.

After feeling shocked by the attack on Congress, I found myself conflicted. Should bad actors be punished? Will calls for impeachment make Trump a martyr in the eyes of extremists? Will punishments simply fan flames of further violence? I felt doubtful of the best course.

Then I read The Citizen's editorial "Remove Trump - and his congressional co-conspirators." It is so strongly worded, it took me aback. Yet it is persuasive. I have changed my view of what must happen next, based on reading this. Leaders who do not adhere to our democratic systems and procedures must be removed.

The Citizen editorial board makes the case that such censor is critical, even if it fails to remove leaders who undermine democracy and our constitution. We must repudiate this behavior, these attacks on democracy. Thank you to The Citizen editorial board for making this case so clearly.

Rebecca Ruggles



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