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To all registered Democrats:

Next Tuesday, Nov. 6, we will vote in the most important election of our lifetime. It is time to "Come Home to the Democratic Party." Remember, we are the party of Franklin Roosevelt, who led us out of the depths of the Depression and gave us Social Security. (News flash, Sen. McConnell, Social Security is a retirement insurance program we pay into for all the years we work. It is not an entitlement.)

We are the party of Harry Truman, who ended World War ll and integrated our military; we are the party of John F. Kennedy, who embarked on the challenge of space, and guided us through the dangerous waters of a nuclear showdown with the Soviets. We are the party of our own New York Sen. Robert Kennedy, who sought justice and equal rights for all. We are the party of Lyndon Johnson, who passed landmark civil rights and voting rights legislation and brought us Medicare and Medicaid. More recently, we are the party of Barack Obama and Auburn’s son-in-law, Joe Biden.

We have great candidates this year. We need to promote two great judges, Chris Ciaccio and David Thurston, to higher positions in our judicial system. We have John Mannion, a career teacher, and the head of the West Genesee teachers union running for the state Senate. We have our own super hero, Keith Batman, running for the Assembly. We have Dana Balter for Congress, running a terrific grassroots campaign.

Last, but not the least, "Come Home to the Democratic Party" of Bill McKeon, our dynamic leader for the second half of the 20th Century.

It is time to vote for change. Please come out of your homes and exercise your most fundamental right as Americans!

David McKeon


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