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When I watched the latest State of the Union address and saw the white-clad female representatives showing disrespect to the president and acting like kids, it fed into my belief that real working women in America are not represented by hardly anyone in Washington. These people do not represent me — they embarrass me as a woman.

I put up with Obama for eight years understanding, as a well-educated person in the Constitution, that he was greatly damaging our country, yet I never would have shown up at his speeches and filed my nails, took selfies, made faces or acted like a clown in that context. I went inward completely and rescued animals for eight years, blaming the stupidity of the voters because they were conned. Fool me twice?

To the white clothing brigade: White clothing usually represents innocence, so that is the wrong color. Most of you applaud and celebrate the killing of newborn babies in New York state. You are ugly, and I mean, spiritually. I do not care if people are born good looking or not, that is just luck. But you are ugly on the inside, and it just oozed out of you during the SOTU.

What man in his right mind is attracted to you? Would any man really want to touch you with a 10-foot pole? I can say this because I am a conservative independent radical feminist myself who views abortion as a form of abuse against women and one form of racial genocide. I vote based on my critical thinking skills and I do not fall into line with any political platform just because someone in mainstream media is trying to shame me for having my own brain.

Feminism is not hatred of men, nor is it hatred of any one president. It is an ideal based on allowing qualified women to reach their full potential. How many women have you helped out or promoted? I bet, way fewer than Donald Trump has helped out. And, oh, yeah, Bill Clinton could fool around on the job anytime, because you liked him, but now Donald Trump cannot have any affairs in his history or you consider him unqualified morally to be president. Feminists really need to turn off the TV, do some more real-life research (not in books) on their assumptions, and start using their brains again.

I am especially challenging you college professors who would never allow real thinkers into your midst because you are afraid of them.

Lisa Backus


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