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Letter: Democrats will destroy the country

Letter: Democrats will destroy the country


The national election in November, many feel, is a crucial one in our history and will change our nation for many years, if Democrats are elected.

The Democratic Party has been taken over by the radical left (socialists, progressives, Marxists). The party's platform is as radical as it has ever been. This is not my personal opinion, as the candidates and party members are openly advocating:

1. Open borders; amnesty to illegal immigrants.

2. Gun control.

3. Eliminating the Electoral College.

4. Indoctrinating our schools with radical teaching. We already see this now.

5. Abolishing fracking. Joe Biden has been in favor of this, although now he is back-tracking.

6. Socialized medicine.

7. Stacking the Supreme Court with liberal judges so that the party will be in complete control — little opposition.

8. Defunding the police — reducing the number.

9. Change to the Constitution.

10. Control of the media. Facebook, Twitter, etc. Censorship. Remember Russia's Pravda?

11. Sending jobs overseas.

12. No restrictions on abortion.

Frightening, isn't it? Life as we know it now will be forever changed. You will not recognize the country.

Joe Biden is not in tip-top physical shape. Enter the 25th Amendment, which would remove a president due to incapacity to serve. That would put Sen. Kamala Harris into office. In the Senate, she is considered the most radical leftist senator!

In a Biden administration, you will see Sens. Bernie Sanders, AOC, Amy Klobuchar, and behind the scenes, the Obamas and Clintons would be pulling the strings.

If you love your country more than you hate Donald Trump, you will not vote for the Democrats.

Jean De Joy



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